Cheese Dip + Shredded Chicken & White Corn

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Cheese Dip + Shredded Chicken & White Corn

It’s Saturday! It’s the first day of the NBA playoffs.  It’s a good time. Sports, usually always take precedence over any other anything that may be on TV at the time and as you can guess, good food is in rotation. my contribution to this NBA playoff celebration was a creamy, cheesy shredded chicken and corn cheese dip – because who doesn’t like extra stuff added to their cheese dip?


cheese dip shredded chicken


this cheese dip was served with homemade tortilla chips and quesadilla’s cut into strips for increased dipping power. it sounds like quite a bit of cheese, until you bite into it and the guilt you might have had slowly fades into the background..

I did allow the chicken to marinate in seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin) overnight, because I anticipated cooking it and I wanted the flavors to take me over.  However, you do not have to – it’s just that meat tends to taste better when marinated.



-i cook my shredded chicken by boiling on low heat for about 2 to three hours. I add just enough water to barely cover the meat.  Usually when the water is almost boiled out, the chicken is tender enough to be shredded. Save the chicken broth to add flavor to your cheese dip! =)

– my cheese was purchased in the deli section at my local grocery store. I asked to have the cheese cut in one large block so that I may shred it later. Shred cold to avoid the cheese being smashed into the cheese grater.

– i used 2% milk in this recipe. you may choose to use whole milk or half & half if you prefer. be mindful that the thicker the milk, the heavier the dish and the creamier and rich in taste your cheese dip will be.

– to cook my homemade tortilla chips, i cut packaged corn tortillas four times across the center and cooked in vegetable oil for about 4 to 5 minutes, constantly moving the chips through the oil to avoid them sticking to each other. be sure to cook all the way, undercooking corn tortillas can cause chips to be tough and chewy in texture. after removing from oil, lightly sprinkle with salt!


homemade tortilla chips



100 cal


5 g


10 g


6 g
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Serves 4


Cheese Dip + Shredded Chicken & White Corn

10 minPrep Time

25 minCook Time

35 minTotal Time

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2 chicken thighs

1 white corn cob

1 teaspoon of butter or an alternative

1 pound of american white cheese

1 cup of 2% milk

½ teaspoon of ground cumin

½ teaspoon of parsley flakes

salt + pepper to taste


cook shredded chicken as instructed in the notes and set aside.

cut your corn from the cob and set aside.  in a saucepan on medium heat, add teaspoon of butter and corn.  sauté the corn and cover to allow the steam to cook through.  after about 5 minutes, add in chicken thighs (whole) and shred in the sauce pan.  add in ground cumin and mix shredded chicken and corn together. add two teaspoons of chicken broth and cover.

shredded chicken

after about 5 minutes, add in one cup of 2% milk and bring to a gentle boil.  during this time, i shred my cheese - which allows the perfect amount of time for the milk to come to a gentle boil.  gradually add in cheese one handful at a time, stirring ingredients in slowly.

once your cheese has finished melting, your cheese dip is ready to eat!

shredded chicken cheese dip

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