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Savory Cajun Red Beans and Rice

↓ TO THE TIPS   |  ↓ TO THE RECIPE   |   ↓ TO THE VIDEO Red beans and rice is…

Creamy Gratin Dauphinois – Potatoes Gratin

Gratin Dauphinois, or Potatoes Gratin, is one of my most favorite dishes to prepare.  For a while, the only…

Chicken + Shrimp Parmesan Potato Gnocchi

Something magical happens when the best of what life has to give is brought together.  For me, those…

dirty rice + pan seared catfish & shrimp

dirty rice, a traditional dish that ( in my opinion ) is one of the most versatile dishes to make….

Fried Lobster with Shrimp + Scallop Fettucini

on july 02, i celebrated another birthday.  not only am i knocking at 30’s door but i’m excited…

andouille sausage & shrimp gumbo

part of the passion behind gumbo comes from the rich spices that linger long after your taste buds…

Creamy Seafood Dressing Bake

who could resist a savory, southern seafood dish? who could resist anything creamy? I, for one, cannot. southern…

Pan Seared Chicken & Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

Beautifully pan-seared chicken breast with a crisp – (skin free, may i add?)  exterior that is juicy and…

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