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golden crusted pizza

Pizza, ahh yes — the golden pie of greatness.  Originates from Italy, ad quite honestly — we are so blessed to experience this greatness.  Pizza is made with hundreds of different combinations and every ingredient you can think of!  From seafood, to pasta .. pizza combinations can get down right intense!

Some pizzas are made with pepperoni, some with cheese, both?  Pizza made with pineapples and ham — because pineapples on a pizza are a thing and a good thing! 

Even crazier, pizza can be as cheap as $5 bucks or as expensive as a whopping $12,000!  Shoutout to Renato Viola for creating the worlds most expensive pizza — and for proving that someone in the world loves pizza enough to spend tuition on it!

If you love pizza as much as I do, then I am sure you have most definitely had a desire to make your own pizza at home, if you have not done so already. I, for one, am that individual.  I actually prefer to make my own pizza, rather than paying someone upwards of $40 something I can make at home for less than half of that.. two times.

I believe the most complicated part of making your own pizza, is the crust.  Most recipes require you to set the dough for a day up to three days to obtain the results of an amazingly delicious crust.  And quite honestly, most people don’t prepare to have a pizza two to three days in advance.

When you want a pizza, you want it right then and there!  You want it in the next few minutes.  I do have a dough recipe that allows you to make a really easy and quick pizza dough, but it still has to rest.  At least for an hour or two, which can honestly fly by if you prep your ingredients while you wait.  For example, shredding the cheese — because shredding cheese is never a quick thing.

My most favorite topping combination at one point in time was pepperoni and jalapeño peppers.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  Now I go in phases like the moon.  I bounce between veggie, “supreme” and the ever so nostalgic pepperoni and jalapeño.  Which, by the way — if you’ve never had it, go ahead and give that a try!  If you do, leave me a comment below of your thoughts!

pizza dough sauce and ingredients

While, making a pizza is pretty simple. Being that it’s just sauce, cheese and a topping’s kind of thing, I am going to give you tips on how to maximize your pizza-greatness-ism.  

This being, that you know better than anyone what toppings you love the most!  Pizza toppings will vary all across the world — but there are some tips that are standard and I hope that these along with your great topping selections will help you create the most amazing pizza possible.  The only way for this post to be really beneficial to you, is to provide those tips in detail!   As I grow in pizzaology, I will be updating this list as needed.  Enjoy!



  • Don’t seek a complicated dough recipe, instead find one that’s really simple and easy to do.  This way, you are more inclined to make pizzas from home more often, rather than spending $24 on 9 million milligrams of sodium. 
  • Do not pre-cook your veggies! Bake your veggies raw with the pizza so that they have some element of crispness when the pizza has finished cooking.  Be sure to slice them thin, so they will easily cook through!

  • Use low-moisture mozzarella for maximum melty-ness.  High moisture mozzarella cheese does not melt that well and will clunk up on your pizza. – Not that exciting.-   Using low moisture mozzarella cheese will help prevent you from having puddles of water accumulating at the top of your pizza. Because let’s face it.. nobody likes a soggy pizza.

  • Simmer your pizza sauce until you have eliminated all of the moisture.  You want a nice thick, hearty sauce.  This also will help to eliminate a watery pizza.

  • Get your pepperoni from the deli, not the pre-packaged stuff!  Pepperoni from the deli is and will always be cheaper than buying pre-packaged pepperoni. You can specify how much pepperoni you’d like, which helps to avoid wasting it.  And, you get more for your money, in both size and quantity!

  • Lightly brush your pizza dough with olive oil before applying your pizza sauce and toppings.  Brushing your crust lightly with olive oil will enhance the flavor of your dough and give you a beautiful golden flavor when baking.

  • Instead of one thick layer of cheese on top of the sauce of your pizza, try layering the cheese in thin layers along with your toppings gradually.  By applying thin layers of cheese along with each ingredient, you are binding the ingredients like glue and once you’ve topped your final layer with cheese, you’re left with a beautiful golden cheesy top and layers of cheesy greatness all throughout the pizza!

  • When layering your pizza with cheese, sprinkle bits of oregano and basil over the top for an extra pinch of flavor within every bite.

  • If you like sausage in your pizza and will be making your own sausage by using lean beef or turkey meat – be sure to season your meat with fennel seeds!  Fennel seeds add the delicious flavor of “sausage” found on commercial pizzas.

  • If you prefer a deeper, darker crust.  Pre-bake your crust for about 7 to 10 minutes.  Be sure to coat the crust with olive oil.  Also, be sure to take a fork or knife and poke small holes in the center of the pizza to allow air to escape and prevent from rising as much as the edges will.

  • Bake it at high temperatures for a short period of time.  That perfect number is 500 degrees, for about 10 – 15 minutes.  I’ve also baked it at 475, so long as your oven is at a higher temperature.

  • When adding your cheese to your pizza, accidently drop some on your crust.  That’s just… yes.

golden crusted pizza

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