Summer Peach Lemonade

summer peach lemonade

Summer Peach Lemonade

a perfect refreshment for the most perfect day and the most perfect lady in my life! my mother!! her favorite summer drink of all time is a sweet peach lemonade. served with brunch, on a patio with a cool breeze blowing by, nothing beats it.

hands down, the best summer peach lemonade recipe ever. and i’m not just saying that because i made it. a round table of about 15 guests have deliberated over this peach lemonade for about 10 minutes before deciding it’s a winner. rated 10 stars out of 5, subtle sweet taste rated at about a million. love.


i used white peaches. mostly because they are less acidic than yellow peaches and being that this recipe uses lemons (and a whole lot of them!!), keeping the acidity levels low is better for you … and your teeth. =)

when dicing your peaches, the easiest way I have found so far, is to cut across the middle in a circular motion. twist the peaches apart and dice.  you should be able to grab the seed from the middle and twist it apart from the second half! otherwise, you risk loosing half the juice from the peaches before you even have a chance to cook them!

after i have made this peach lemonade, i like to place it in the freezer and allow the delicious chunks of ice to form.

sugar is your friend. the end.




69 cal


17 g


3 g
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Summer Peach Lemonade

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7 white peaches

7 lemons

zest of 4 lemons

2 ¾th cup of sugar

7 cups of filtered or bottled water

best peach recipe summer peaches


in a large saucepan on low heat, add diced peaches, the zest of four lemons and 2 3/4th cups of sugar.  keep the temperature on a low simmer slowly stirring until the peaches become tender.  the sugar should thicken and create a peach syrup. with a potato smasher, grind the flesh.


peach lemonade


once the sugars have completely thickened and the peach flesh has become strands of greatness floating around strain the flesh from the peach syrup, using a spoon to fold the remaining juice from the flesh. i like to grind the flesh into the strainer and scrape the bottom of the strainer!!


best summer peaches   peach flesh


allow your peach syrup to cool.  the syrup must be room temperature or cooler.  in the past i have placed the peach syrup immediately in the freezer, because who wants to wait for hot syrup to get cold before you enjoy delicious lemonade. however, when you let the flavors cool naturally and you don’t rush the process, something special happens.


best lemonade recipe


while you wait, juice seven lemons and set aside.  once your syrup has cooled, mix with lemon juice and stir. add in 5 cups of filtered or bottled water and sip your heart away..


& as always, for a good time add wine and if you’re feeling frisky – add whiskey!!


best peach lemonade

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